Shoe Shelf Build

I said that I would post pictures as soon as Grant completed the closet and got his video ready!!! SO here it is!!! My husband is AWESOME! That is all I can say! :) You can check the video out here: or you can watch it below! The video quality is quite a bit… Continue reading Shoe Shelf Build

Up Next: Crazy 2 Weeks

I thought I would stop in and post since tomorrow is going to be a wild and crazy day!!! I will be at school from 8 well into the evening! YUCK! These next few week are actually going to be pretty ridiculous! Next week I have 2 finals, 2 presentations, and a quiz in addition… Continue reading Up Next: Crazy 2 Weeks

What a Wonderful Husband

So my husband has been VERY busy this week! He has been working on a little project for me!!! My garage has looked like this all week: Grant is working on a solution to this: and this mess: My shoes are a wreck!!! I have no place to put them all!!! Another huge issue is… Continue reading What a Wonderful Husband

5 weeks…

In 5 weeks and I will officially be on summer break!! WAHOOO!!!! 5 weeks is a really long time, but I am thankful it is 5 and not 6! :) We have 4 weeks left of clinic, which I think is absolutely crazy! I only have 4 or 5 days left in clinic! Things are… Continue reading 5 weeks…

Sweet, Sweet Spring Break

It is officially spring break! I am IN LOVE with this week! I am so thankful that this week was placed in the semester because I can tell you that I know I would hot have survived this semester without this sweet week of rest! Grant and I headed down south to Shreveport, LA to… Continue reading Sweet, Sweet Spring Break

Breath of Fresh Air

Today was a fairly good day… well at least it started great and ended great!! I began my day by seeing a patient! The patient I saw today was coming in for his second appointment… he was my very first patient last Monday and he came again today to continue on with his care! He… Continue reading Breath of Fresh Air

Snowmageddon 2011

It has been a very exciting and boring few days around here! The first HUGE snow storm of 2011 happened overnight on January 31st-February 1st.  I was out of school on Tuesday and now today on Wednesday! The snow ended around noon yesterday, but the wind was absolutely insane so we were having a “ground… Continue reading Snowmageddon 2011