Up Next: Crazy 2 Weeks

I thought I would stop in and post since tomorrow is going to be a wild and crazy day!!! I will be at school from 8 well into the evening! YUCK! These next few week are actually going to be pretty ridiculous!

Next week I have 2 finals, 2 presentations, and a quiz in addition to a few after school commitments for my class! BOO!!! I am going to be exhausted but, hopefully, being so busy will make the weeks whiz by! Then will come finals week, I am SO READY for finals to be over with!

I snapped a few pics on Easter so I thought I would share our Easter photo with you. I think Grant got a better one on his camera, but I don’t think I’ll ever see that one again so I thought I would go ahead and throw this one up on here, but I thought I should go ahead and commemorate another Easter together! I should mention to take note of the dress my sweet man bought for me!!! This Easter dress thing is a new tradition! ;)

Grant did complete our shoe shelves in the closet and we have them all painted and loaded up with shoes!!! I will post pictures soon… Grant did a creative photo shoot of the process so I will wait until he gets that finished up before I show you the final product! I absolutely could not be happier… he did such an amazing job!

If I survive and get through the next few weeks, I will post the pictures of the finished shelves and perhaps some other fun pictures! Grant and I have a couple of fun dates planned in the next 3 weeks, so maybe I’ll get to do an update about those!!

Hope everyone has a blessed week!

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