What a Wonderful Husband

So my husband has been VERY busy this week! He has been working on a little project for me!!! My garage has looked like this all week:

Grant is working on a solution to this:

and this mess:

My shoes are a wreck!!! I have no place to put them all!!! Another huge issue is that when I am trying to get dressed, I cannot find the shoes I want to wear! I know it is a ridiculous problem to have but sometimes I can’t remember what shoes I have so I don’t know what shoes would look best with my outfit! I will be honest, I have duplicate shoes because I forgot that I already had some!!

Because my husband is SO amazing, he is going to build some shoe shelves in our closet!!! YAY!! They are already up and all that needs to be done is some painting!! I’m so excited to have our garage back and clean as well as have a nice comfy place to put my shoes!! Now I just need to decide which shoes get to be put on the shelf and which ones have to stay on the floor! ;)

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