5 weeks…

In 5 weeks and I will officially be on summer break!! WAHOOO!!!! 5 weeks is a really long time, but I am thankful it is 5 and not 6! :) We have 4 weeks left of clinic, which I think is absolutely crazy! I only have 4 or 5 days left in clinic! Things are winding down pretty quickly in clinic. The rest of my classes are still pretty full blown busy! UGH!

I have decided to apply for a grant/scholarship to do some research in the summer. I am kind of excited about it cause I’m really interested in the results! I’m not sure when I’ll find out when I get the scholarship/grant or not. I’m sure I’ll know before the semester if over.

I’m so anxious to for the end of the semester! I will officially be a senior… for the 3rd time, but definitely for the LAST TIME! HA! I’m so ready to continue on with my life. I feel like being in school, I am putting life on hold for a little bit and I hate that feeling. I can’t wait until I don’t have work to do at home, we have 2 incomes, and we can start planning towards the future!!!! Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE to plan!!! I have always loved knowing what is coming next and what to expect!!! I know that when I get out of school, I still won’t know what is coming next, but I can at least start planning. I don’t know if those plans will work out, but God knows our hearts and things will come together when it is time!!!

I have a paper and a couple presentations that will all be due within a week of one another. My goal is get that paper finished and out of the way this weekend. That is going to be quite the feat for me because I work best under pressure!! While I am a planner, I can’t deny that I am a definite procrastinator! :)

Tomorrow, I will be at the zoo with my school giving out stuff and teaching kiddos about their teeth! I think I will be there for about an hour. I would really like to see the elephants, but I might wait for another day cause I think there will be tons of people there… plus I don’t feel like paying to get into the zoo tomorrow! ;0)

Grant and I both wore our shiny shoes to church! I thought it was fun so I took a picture!

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