Sweet, Sweet Spring Break

It is officially spring break! I am IN LOVE with this week! I am so thankful that this week was placed in the semester because I can tell you that I know I would hot have survived this semester without this sweet week of rest!

Grant and I headed down south to Shreveport, LA to visit his parents for the weekend! I am SO glad that we go to go visit them! We haven’t seen them since before Christmas so it was definitely time to see them! I got to enjoy a day of shopping and Grant got to go do some manual labor with his dad! :)  Grant really does enjoy doing manual labor so it was good for him to be able to get out and work away from his computer for a while! Grant also spent a lot of time fixing/re-setting up his parents receiver for their tv and all the peripherals. Grant is like a techy genius…. even if he hasn’t worked with something before or doesn’t have a lot of experience in it, he can figure it out! He’s pretty cool like that! ;) Anyway.. that is how we started my spring break!

We came home on Monday evening and I have just been relaxing and exercising since then! It is so wonderful to be able to wake up and not have to think about what I have to get done for school the next day! I have been able to get up and straighten up a little and go to the gym for an hour or so! I can’t even tell you how nice it has been!

I had a nightmare last night that I had forgotten to go to clinic that day and I forgot about my patient! It took me awhile after I woke up to realize that I was on spring break and everything was okay!

Grant has been able to work from home while I’ve been on spring break! It is so nice to have him at home… he is working, but it is SO nice to see him sitting in his office throughout the day!

I am SO sad that there are only 2 days left in my spring break! :( I absolutely do not want to go back to school. I just got done having a small breakdown/cry fest with Grant. I LOVE being able to be home and just be his wife! It isn’t necessarily the being away at school that I hate, but it is the constant thought of always feeling guilty because there is something else that I could be doing for school! I love not having to think about school!!! We can just enjoy life and have fun!

I am praying for the next few months to fly by! I absolutely HATE wishing my life away, but being in school is absolutely MISERABLE for me and I just can’t wait to be finished.  I know I will enjoy being a dental hygienist! It will be wonderful to have a career that I can leave at work and not have to bring my work home with me! I just have to keep that as my focus… just to look forward a year and a half from now!

I am off to enjoy some more of my break! I think tonight I will be cleaning house… it is MUCH NEEDED!!!

I love this beautiful weather! I hope you all get to get out and enjoy!!!!


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