My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

So, today was one of those “no good, very bad day” days.  I have a feeling that my Thursdays will be like this often… we spend the ENTIRE day in the classroom. From 8AM until 3:30PM… we sit in the same dark classroom that has no windows.  I’m sure that has something to do with my mood today!  I had a GREAT day yesterday. I placed my first sealant and passed my competency on sealant placement!

I am SO thankful for Grant. After my rough day today, he has just let me be mellow until I was ready to talk about my awful day. Sometimes after a bad day, I am just in a VERY somber mood and I know I shouldn’t be like that because I want Grant to get the “happy me” but its just that kind of season in my life! Grant even let me cry and even gave some good advice when I was ready. When I have bad days, I have to keep reminding myself that I have a husband who thinks I am “thebombdotcom” and I have a Savior who loves me. This is all that should matter in this life.

On Tuesday we were assigned our patients. I have 7 patients that I will be seeing throughout the semester. I think I will be contacting them to schedule them next week sometime.  I am VERY nervous, but kind of excited about this. I think I am more nervous about the competencies that we are required to do on our patients throughout the semester than I am about actually seeing my patients.

I have an exam in the morning at 9 and then I am free after 11. I am hoping to have lunch with my husband before I head home to clean our home and, hopefully, relax a little bit. I wish my hubby didn’t have to work all day tomorrow, but that is life! Maybe I can secure a date or something for tomorrow night… that might be nice!

A few weeks ago, Grant and I started a bible study at our church called “The Sacred Marriage.” I am excited that we are actually getting to attend. We don’t get to attend a lot of activities outside of Sunday morning activities because of school and studying, but I have committed to attend this bible study with Grant, and I am SO happy that we decided to do it! It has only been a couple of weeks since it started, but I am hoping that we can grow together a lot in the next 4 weeks!

I must go study for a bit and then head to bed. I am sorry this post seemed so down today, hopefully I can get some pictures or something exciting going on here this weekend!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend filled with a little R&R and lots of family time!

P.S. Did anyone see Randy Jackson backhand that girl on accident on American Idol? I am not a regular watcher of the show but I happened to catch it last night! I about fell out of my chair it was so funny!

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  1. I don’t like this!!! I’m sorry about this day……you should’ve called your family about 10 miles north! We would’ve tried to come up with SOMETHING to make you laugh!
    Love you!

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