*~School’s Out for Summer~*

YAY!!!! I am finished with school until August… kind of. I decided to do a summer research project and I even got a grant to allow me to do the research over the summer. The only problem I have with this, is that I am constantly thinking about it and worrying about getting it done. I haven’t really gotten started on it, but I probably should so that maybe at the end of the summer I can have a few weeks that I am not thinking about it. I wanted to do the summer research because I have to do a capstone before I graduate and I figured it would give me something to write about! :)

Last Tuesday, the night before my last day of finals, Grant and I went on a fun date! For one of my stocking stuffers, Grant got me a “Groupon” type thing to a paint your own pottery place in Norman. We didn’t realize that it expired the day before my last day of finals. So while I should have been studying like crazy, I was painting my own pottery! I really enjoyed it and really want to go again. I think it was good for my brain to get a break from all the information I had been cramming into it for months! For those of you who know me, you know that I am NOT very artistic. I always hope that one day I will start on a craft project and be completely amazing at it, but this has not happened yet. Although I am not very artistic, I still really enjoyed the paint your own pottery experience at Be Wild for Art in Norman!

My summer has been surprisingly busy so far! This week has truly been the start of my summer.  My last final was last Wednesday, but on Thursday I went to Stillwater and volunteer with a few people in my class at the Special Olympics. I enjoyed it quite a bit. On Friday I had graduation practice and then on Saturday I went to graduation! I am SO excited for the seniors who just graduated and cannot wait to be just like them next year! :)

This week has been full of making phone calls and scheduling appointments that we weren’t able to get done during the school year. Grant has been working on some more projects on the house. He made a cornice for our bedroom windows this past weekend and I am SO excited about it. I think he is going to build 3 or 4 more and he will be done with those. He is starting to think about building the shutters for the outside of the house so that is really exciting too! We have quite a few things that we are going to be working on getting done for the house this summer!

I will try to get pictures of the cornice up soon! I have a few phone calls to make before businesses start shutting down!

I hope everyone enjoys the rain that we are going to be getting this weekend/early next week!

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Shoe Shelf Build

I said that I would post pictures as soon as Grant completed the closet and got his video ready!!! SO here it is!!! My husband is AWESOME! That is all I can say! :)

You can check the video out here: http://vimeo.com/23422482 or you can watch it below! The video quality is quite a bit better if you click the link above!

Shoe Shelf Project – April 2011 from Grant Bivens on Vimeo.

Here is a picture of the finished product! I don’t have any starting pictures, but you can see that in the link above!

I think this picture is hilarious! These are all of the shoe boxes that we were able to get rid of:

I hope you have enjoyed my husband’s handiwork, I know I have!!! :)

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Happy 26th Birthday, Grant!

I wanted to post to wish my sweet husband, Grant a happy birthday! Since I am posting this at the end of his birthday, I thought I would share how he spent his birthday!

Me with the sweet birthday boy!

We started off the morning at church, Grant worked the video camera thing at church this morning. When I was younger, if it was your birthday, you got to pick what you wanted to eat for dinner. I thought it would be fun to just make a day of it and let Grant have whatever he wanted for any meal! After church, we headed off to Pizza Hut to pick up some pizza (Grant has decided that Pizza Hut is his favorite pizza) and then he spent the afternoon playing Xbox while I was baking his birthday cake!

For dinner, we decided to make a visit to PF Chang’s. We have only been to PF Chang’s once before but it was a couple of years ago and Grant really enjoyed it so we thought this would be the perfect occasion to make another visit. My sister and her husband joined us for dinner! It was great fun, it has been quite a while since we’ve all hang out together because school and work keep us all so busy.

Alison and Johnnie brought along a cake so Grant could blow out some candles at dinner! I didn’t get a picture of their gift to Grant but hopefully Alison got some and I can share them later! Grant and Alison always buy each other gag gifts for their birthdays!

Once we got home, Grant got to open his presents! Here is what he got:

He got a good stud finder and work lights!

We ended the evening with Grant blowing out the candles on his birthday cake that I made him. Grant wanted a lemon sheet cake! I didn’t have a pan for it, but I did the best that I could. It wasn’t pretty but he said it was really good (I don’t like lemon cake so I can’t speak for it).

I think Grant had a pretty good day! I could get really sappy here and tell Grant how much he means to me and how much I love him and how incredibly amazing and handsome that he his, but I will spare you all the mush! I will just leave with this:


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