The Summer is Officially Over

I apologize for the HUGE pictures in the last post. We are still working out a few kinks with the new website. We have switched over to different software platform and are currently re-designing the site. Hopefully, we will have it done soon!

Tomorrow is the big day… I start school! I am very excited but I am also a bit nervous. Technically tomorrow through Friday are orientation days, but I just say that is when school starts because well… it does! :)

Today was quite the interesting day.  Yesterday morning we were supposed to have a guy come by to fix the counter top and then in the afternoon we were supposed to have a guy come by to clean some wood glue off the floor that was left when they put the floors down.  Grant stayed home from work to be here when all of the work people came by.  The counter top guy showed up 45 minutes late and the floor guys didn’t show up at all!  It was quite frustrating especially when Grant stayed home specifically to wait for them.  Shortly after I woke up this morning, I received a phone call from the installer who is supposed to be installing our blinds. He asked if he could come around 10AM to install them. I was SOOO excited, he even showed up 10 minutes early. It feels like we have been living in a fish bowl because we have no window coverings. Grant decided to stay home until after the blind installer left. While the blind installer was here the floor guys finally showed up. Sometime during the morning we looked outside to find that Marcum’s Nursery had showed up to replace our dead tree! We killed 3 birds with 1 stone… so to speak. So we now have clean wood floors, window coverings, AND a new, living tree! YAY!  I would say that was a pretty good morning.

My afternoon was not quite so nice. I had to go get some tests and immunizations done for school. I had to have 2 vials of blood drawn and a TB test as well as a shot. My arm hurts pretty bad from the tetnus shot. I was pleasantly surprised by the kindness of all of the staff, they were VERY nice and VERY good at what they did. I am glad to have all the needles done with, but I have to go back on Friday to get the test results.

Grant and I ended our day by getting haircuts, picking up some mulch from Sam’s, and eating dinner at Taco Cabana. I have to say that dinner was DISGUSTING! It was nice to spend some time with my husband though!

Well, I must go to bed! Off to school in the morning!

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