Up Next: Crazy 2 Weeks

I thought I would stop in and post since tomorrow is going to be a wild and crazy day!!! I will be at school from 8 well into the evening! YUCK! These next few week are actually going to be pretty ridiculous!

Next week I have 2 finals, 2 presentations, and a quiz in addition to a few after school commitments for my class! BOO!!! I am going to be exhausted but, hopefully, being so busy will make the weeks whiz by! Then will come finals week, I am SO READY for finals to be over with!

I snapped a few pics on Easter so I thought I would share our Easter photo with you. I think Grant got a better one on his camera, but I don’t think I’ll ever see that one again so I thought I would go ahead and throw this one up on here, but I thought I should go ahead and commemorate another Easter together! I should mention to take note of the dress my sweet man bought for me!!! This Easter dress thing is a new tradition! ;)

Grant did complete our shoe shelves in the closet and we have them all painted and loaded up with shoes!!! I will post pictures soon… Grant did a creative photo shoot of the process so I will wait until he gets that finished up before I show you the final product! I absolutely could not be happier… he did such an amazing job!

If I survive and get through the next few weeks, I will post the pictures of the finished shelves and perhaps some other fun pictures! Grant and I have a couple of fun dates planned in the next 3 weeks, so maybe I’ll get to do an update about those!!

Hope everyone has a blessed week!

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What a Wonderful Husband

So my husband has been VERY busy this week! He has been working on a little project for me!!! My garage has looked like this all week:

Grant is working on a solution to this:

and this mess:

My shoes are a wreck!!! I have no place to put them all!!! Another huge issue is that when I am trying to get dressed, I cannot find the shoes I want to wear! I know it is a ridiculous problem to have but sometimes I can’t remember what shoes I have so I don’t know what shoes would look best with my outfit! I will be honest, I have duplicate shoes because I forgot that I already had some!!

Because my husband is SO amazing, he is going to build some shoe shelves in our closet!!! YAY!! They are already up and all that needs to be done is some painting!! I’m so excited to have our garage back and clean as well as have a nice comfy place to put my shoes!! Now I just need to decide which shoes get to be put on the shelf and which ones have to stay on the floor! ;)

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5 weeks…

In 5 weeks and I will officially be on summer break!! WAHOOO!!!! 5 weeks is a really long time, but I am thankful it is 5 and not 6! :) We have 4 weeks left of clinic, which I think is absolutely crazy! I only have 4 or 5 days left in clinic! Things are winding down pretty quickly in clinic. The rest of my classes are still pretty full blown busy! UGH!

I have decided to apply for a grant/scholarship to do some research in the summer. I am kind of excited about it cause I’m really interested in the results! I’m not sure when I’ll find out when I get the scholarship/grant or not. I’m sure I’ll know before the semester if over.

I’m so anxious to for the end of the semester! I will officially be a senior… for the 3rd time, but definitely for the LAST TIME! HA! I’m so ready to continue on with my life. I feel like being in school, I am putting life on hold for a little bit and I hate that feeling. I can’t wait until I don’t have work to do at home, we have 2 incomes, and we can start planning towards the future!!!! Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE to plan!!! I have always loved knowing what is coming next and what to expect!!! I know that when I get out of school, I still won’t know what is coming next, but I can at least start planning. I don’t know if those plans will work out, but God knows our hearts and things will come together when it is time!!!

I have a paper and a couple presentations that will all be due within a week of one another. My goal is get that paper finished and out of the way this weekend. That is going to be quite the feat for me because I work best under pressure!! While I am a planner, I can’t deny that I am a definite procrastinator! :)

Tomorrow, I will be at the zoo with my school giving out stuff and teaching kiddos about their teeth! I think I will be there for about an hour. I would really like to see the elephants, but I might wait for another day cause I think there will be tons of people there… plus I don’t feel like paying to get into the zoo tomorrow! ;0)

Grant and I both wore our shiny shoes to church! I thought it was fun so I took a picture!

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