Home Sweet Home

So we have everything moved into the new house! Notice I didn’t say we had everything unpacked! :) I am loving our new home even though it is a wreck!

We moved in a week ago yesterday. When we packed the Budget truck to head here, our landlord stopped by our truck and was shocked at all of the items we could fit into a 800 sq. ft. 2 bedroom apartment. Since we have arrived in our new home, everyone is shocked by how much stuff we have! I guess that goes to show that if you get creative with storage (i.e. storing cupcake pans, loaf pans, etc. under the bed) you can fit a lot into a 2 bedroom apartment. I am so happy to have some space to spread out in and I think, once we get everything unpacked, we will definitely be able to relax. I am already starting to sleep better… I think having space to breathe is part of that! :)

My oldest sister (Stephanie) and her daughter (Abigail) came down to visit for the week. They are staying with my older sister, Alison since she has actual guest beds and things. So far they have been here 2 days and we have gotten to spend some time together which is really nice. Tonight we are going to be able to make use of our grill and our backyard with them. It should be fun.

I am getting very anxious to start school this fall. We have an orientation in a couple of weeks but I haven’t heard anything about it, all I know is that it is supposed to be from 9AM to 5. Not sure why I am so nervous but I am ready to find out all the little details about what the next 2 years hold for my husband and me! I know it is going to be incredibly stressful and exhausting, but I think we’re both ready for me to be doing something that I love!

I just heard my washer do it’s jingle that it is done washing, so I must go get on that laundry! I have two weeks worth of laundry to get done this weekend! Wish me luck!

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