Not-so-Lazy Sunday

We started off our day today by going to church. Since we have moved to a new place, we have to find a new church to call home. For some reason, this is a daunting task for me. I have only been a member of 2 churches in my lifetime. The first church was the church that I attended from birth until the age of around 5 and the second church is the church that I have gone to ever since the first one. I still consider my church “home” the church that I attended since I was 5. I love the people there and my parents still attend there. It is so hard to know that I will never be able to find a church exactly like the one I came from. I suppose I must focus on God and not solely upon what I want or the people that I miss. It is always nice to go back home and visit, but I know I need to focus on finding a place where my husband and I fit in together. I am nervous, but I am also excited. I pray that we find somewhere that we can relate to people and be able to spend time with others in God’s word as well as a place that we both feel comfortable serving in and a place that God is moving! I just hope we know it when we see it!

I have spent most of my day working on the laundry… AGAIN! We used our towels and table cloths to pack with so we have a ton of towels and table cloths just laying around in piles on the floor where they were taken out of boxes. The horrible thing is that they are all different colors so I must wash them separately!

I was hoping to get away to the gym today, but that just didn’t happen. After church and a few loads of laundry, Grant and I decided to head to the local furniture store. Our old apartment was so small that we couldn’t fit a table in. We sat on the floor in front of the couch and ate our dinner every night. We are now in deperate need of a table! My parents are letting us borrow their card table for the time being so we at least aren’t eating on the floor in front of the couch, but I just can’t wait until we can have an entire table and be able to have family and friends over to eat around it. We found a nice table so now I think it’s just a matter of time and saving up the moo-lah for it! :)

Grant and my brother-in-law, Johnnie are playing Indiana Jones on the Wii right now. Johnnie came over around six and hadn’t had dinner so I just feed them quite the hodge podge dinner. We had our cookout last night so we had left over hamburgers… but we didn’t have any buns. So the boys got to eat some Kraft Mac&Cheese, a hamburger patty, and some chips and salsa! Poor guys! Glad they were here to eat my leftovers!

I found out today that Grant’s parents might be coming up this week! We are really excited. I’m trying to decide what to cook and all of that…. we have never had house guests before! I’m thinking we might have tacos one night and if they are here a second night we can do a cookout. The plans are still kinda iffy, but we’ll see.

I just figured out how to use the photo gallery for my website. If you look at the tabs above, you should see one that says “Photo Gallery.” I have added an album that has some engagement pictures in it. I know, they were taken 2 years ago, but I was just trying to test out the gallery and those were the pictures that I had handy! I hope you enjoy. Something is wrong with the comments section so you won’t be able to comment on them, but at least you can view them, right?

Ok, I must get off to straightening up my house! Laundry and cleaning, here I come!

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