Memorial Day Weekend

I am so thankful that it is Memorial Day weekend. We have had a great weekend so far!

I began my weekend on Thursday by going to dinner and a movie with my good friend Sydney! We went to eat a Chili’s and then headed to the movie theater. I was very disappointed by the selection of movies we had to see… nothing that jumped out at me was playing. We decided on Star Trek because she wanted to see it and we had both heard that it was fantastic! I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the film! It was very entertaining! I don’t think it has made me a “Trekkie” but I definitely enjoyed it!

On Friday, Grant and I renewed our lease for our apartment here, which isn’t super exciting, but hey, we have a place to live! :)

Grant and I made a visit to the Zoo yesterday! We had a really good time, it has been over a year since we have been to the zoo! That last time we went was to the Tulsa Zoo, which I must say was much better! I was sad that there were no penguins or polar bears! The Tulsa Zoo has a much great variety of animals. I also learned that the OKC Zoo has sent their only two elephants on a “date” with the Tulsa Zoo’s elephants for 2 whole months… that was quite disappointing! After our exciting day at the zoo we were headed back toward home. We finished up at the zoo around 4ish and we were headed toward I-44 when I remembered that we were going to pass “Tinsel Town” a very huge and visible theater off I-44. I  have always wanted to go there so I suggested to Grant that we check out the matinee and if it was too expensive that we go. I was expecting it to be at least $6/person, but it turned out that it was only $3.75/person! So we decided to see “Night at the Museum”… the second one. It was good, but very corny… the first one was definitely better. After our movie, we headed home and went to bed. Surprisingly enough, we went to bed at 10PM on a Saturday evening… goodness, we are getting so old! :)

I am not real sure what we are planning to do the rest of this great, long weekend!† Perhaps I will talk my husband into going to the pool with me! He might not want to because of his pink forehead from the Zoo! :)

So that was our exciting Memorial Day weekend! I love having an extra day to spend with Grant so we can go do fun things and not feel like we’ve wasted the ENTIRE weekend!

I begin my summer Chemistry course on Monday, which I am definitely not looking forward that that, but it will be over at the end of July and I won’t have to deal with it ever again! :)

I hope everyone has a blessed and safe Memorial Day weekend with their families!


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