Pancakes, Quizzes, and Visits

I am not sure why I am taking the time to update this blog right now, but hey… why not!

My husband is in the kitchen cooking me pancakes! What a great husband I have! We have been incredibly busy lately! I have been trying to workout more lately and I just remembered how much I love swimming. A couple years ago, I was swimming a lot trying to get into shape to do lifeguard training at OSU. I haven’t swam laps in about a year so yesterday I decided I’d head out to the Colvin and swim a few laps. Since the Colvin has the outdoor pool with the lap pool it was so much fun! I have never swam laps outside before, and it’s crazy what a difference it makes! The pool inside is a little too cold for me. I am really excited about swimming!

I started taking my Chemistry class last Monday. I am a little over a week into it and I am already ready for it to be over! I just found out some awesome news though! I got a 100% on the quiz that I took today. I was a little worried about a couple of the questions, but I guess I did good! I am so excited! I am really hoping to get an ‘A’ in this class to make myself a better candidate for dental hygiene school!

Grant and I will be heading to Shreveport in a few days! I am really excited to spend some time with the family! We will get to see Grant’s grandma, aunt and her husband, uncle, and his other aunt as well. I am very excited. I miss Grant’s family so it’s time that we go see them. We were able to see his parents, Nova Dawn and John, last week when they came into Stillwater… it made me ever more excited to go visit them!

I will, hopefully, be updating soon with pictures and more stories! I hope everyone has a blessed summer!!!

Enjoy the warm weather… you’ll be sad when it’s gone!!!

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