First Official Blog at

So this is my first official blog as Cynthia Bivens at! Yay!

I don’t know where to start… things have been really crazy and in a whirlwind lately! Grant and I got married on December 27th and have been busy every since! :) I just finished up a Physiology class and am preparing to start a summer Chemistry course this summer. Grant graduated in May of 2008 and is now a web developer at a company here in Stillwater called Interworks, Inc. I am so glad that he found a job loving what he is doing! I am currently working as a dental assistant here in Stillwater. I love what I do. I will definitely be cutting my hours down when I start school in August. I am now working on a degree in Sociology while I am waiting to apply to dental hygiene school next fall.

I guess that is an update on my life thus far! :) I hope to be able to blog quite often and keep my friends and family updated on our hectic lives! :)

You can check out Grant’s blog at Grant will hopefully be updating pretty often and he will, more than likely, have photos and things up… I have not yet learned how to do that, but I soon will!

Hope you enjoyed this post! :) Leave me a comment or something nice! ;)



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