Sweet Summertime

What a week! I thought this was the longest week that I have had in a while! You’d think since I am not working or going to school this summer that I might enjoy the week a bit better but I just love spending time with my husband! When he is at work, I just can’t wait for him to get home! I love just hanging around the house with him on the weekends!

We have quite the weekend ahead of us! When we moved, we had A LOT of stuff, as I have said in previous posts. Now, all of the boxes that contained the contents of our lives are in the garage and my dear, sweet husband cannot park “”ol’ blue”” in the garage. I FINALLY posted the boxes for free on craigslist today and got 4 bites! The sad thing is that I can’t give the boxes to EVERYONE! One couple is having a baby and they need to pack up the room so they can get the baby stuff in there and another couple is moving out of their house of 30yrs! It makes me so sad that they can’t all get the boxes. I gave the boxes to the first person that spoke for them, it’s only fair, but it still makes me sad! They will be coming by tonight around 7 to pick them up. I said all that just to say that we will be cleaning out the garage this weekend so that Grant can get his vehicle in it. Hopefully, we can work on it in the cooler hours of the day instead of the incredible heat! UGH! I LOVE summer, but only when I can be out in the sun by the pool… or beach would be nice! ;)

We got a John Deere lawnmower a couple weeks ago and Grant has officially mowed the lawn twice! He is SO good at it… we have the lines in the grass and everything!

It is SO nice to live near family again! I’d forgotten how great it is. I’ve gotten to hang out with Alison, my sister, A LOT since we’ve moved to the city! We’ve had so much fun having dinner together several times and our silly husbands have played Wii more times than I think we even know. It will be hard when Ali goes back to teaching and I go back to school in August, but I know we both know how blessed we are to be together again!

I have been working on my running this past week. I have decided to try The Couch-to-5Kprogram since I am NOT a runner. The first week (this week) I have been doing a 5 minute warm up walk followed by an alternating 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds walking to total a 25 minute cardio workout. I am at about 1.68 miles, but I should be able to do the entire 3.1 miles running without stopping by the time it is done. It has been VERY easy for me, but next week I start on 90 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking… I know, I know it sounds easy, but NOT for me! :) I am very excited though because today I went with Alison to Old Navy and discovered that I have dropped a pant size! I am VERY excited. My trouble area is definitely my lower half so this is BIG news!! I have been running and lifting at least 5 days a week for the past couple of weeks AND I have quit sweets! If this is what it takes, it is definitely worth it! I’d like to drop a couple more sizes to be ideal so I think i am well on my way! I just hope I can keep this motivation up! My husband deserves a hot wife, right?

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