Happy Birthday

Here we are in the last week of October!  I am so happy to have made it this far, but I know that I have O so much farther to go!

Coming up next week, we have the craziest week of tests that we have had so far. I am going to be so relieved when it is over! We get out for Christmas break on December 15th!  I cannot wait! During Christmas break, Grant and I are going to take a little trip to Branson and enjoy the Christmas light and just relax! I NEED that SOOOO badly! I know that is still over a month away, but I need something to look forward to!

I know my blogging has become very boring and dull, but my life is school right now! I need to put up some recipes so my posts aren’t all just about my boring school life. I have a few pictures to upload of some of the meals I have made… I’ll maybe do that after my crazy week next week!

My sister celebrated her 25th birthday this past Wednesday!

I sent my sister, Alison, a text on Tuesday night to see if she was excited about her birthday. She replied and said that she is a little depressed because she is another year older. For those of you who don’t know Alison, she does not like growing up! I reminded Alison that these past 25 years have brought SO many blessings and such a full and wonderful life to her!

I am so thankful for my sister and I can’t imagine if she hadn’t been born 25 years ago! I just wanted to make a quick note to make sure that I wish my sister well in her 25th year!!! :)  I love you!!

Grant and I were able to go have dinner with Alison and her husband before they went to the Thunder season opener against the Bulls!! It has been 2 years since we have been together on her birthday so I was really excited to get to meet up with her! I would have pictures, but I looked like an absolute mess that day so I will just post a picture of us from some other day!

I hope everyone has thoroughly enjoyed their October! I probably won’t be posting again until sometime in November… if anything exciting happens this weekend perhaps I will post that!

Happy October!!!

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  1. Yay for you making it! :) YOU CAN DO AND YOU WILL DO IT!

    Thanks for the birthday post. Loved, loved, LOVED that we were able to get together for BOTH of our birthdays. Love you MUCH and see you soon!!!

    P.S. Have fun in Washington, D.C.! :)

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