Welcoming in the Season

We are officially decorated for fall!

A few weeks ago I found out from my husband that we are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving with his family in our new home!  Needless to say, I was pretty excited… but a little nervous as well. Last year in out apartment, Grant wouldn’t allow me decorate for fall. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t allow it, we just had A LOT of stuff and no where to put anything else. Thankfully, this year Grant has taken me shopping 3 times to get stuff to decorate for fall. I didn’t end up completely decking the house out with fall decor, but I think I was able to make our home look a little warmer than it was before!

Here are a few pictures of our fall decor. Yesterday we had a painter come in to finish up some things on the house so our house finally feels like it’s ours, and it feels more put together. We also just got a table a few weeks ago so you will get to see that as well. I haven’t decided what I want to do with the table for fall, I’d like to make a center piece, but I’m not quite sure where I will find the time to do that! So we’ll just have to wait and see.

Happy Fall!!!

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  1. Mmm……I can SMELL Fall just looking at your pictures! The house looks GREAT and that table REALLY makes your house look like a home! I will definitely miss the first table, but excited to dine at the new one. :) I bet we can find some items to make a nice centerpiece for that table. I vote for the table cloth and runner…..AND a centerpiece! :) A fun apothecary jar would be fun to fill so it could serve more than 1 purpose…..fill it with “fally” colors and then Christmas colors for the next holiday! :)

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