Roller Coaster Ride

Whew!!! This week was like a really really LONG roller coaster ride! I am so glad that it is over, but as the weekend draws to an end, I am dreading Monday!

I definitely had some ups and downs this week… some moments that just drug me through the mud and then some that left me feeling incredibly blessed and excited.  I guess this is just how life is.

We had our first competency this past Wednesday. Our competency was over disinfection. I did very very well, which I was incredibly happy about. We also had a morphology exam which I didn’t do very well on. I was surprised by some of the questions, and to be quite honest, I wasn’t prepared to compare the teeth to one another. I will just use that as a learning experience and now I know what I will have to know in order to perform well on the next exam. We had a few quizzes this week that went very good and a radiology lab that didn’t go so good, so all in all it has been a pretty up and down week.  Monday we have an exam that I am not feeling too excited about, but maybe after my studying tomorrow I will feel better about that.

Tonight was such a GREAT night! I actually got to spend some quality time with the man that I love. I woke up this morning around 8, but I got back into bed until about 10… I thought I deserved to sleep in a little bit! After I got up I decided to get some studying done. I studied until about 3 and then was my time with the husband! I have been wanting to decorate the house for fall and we have been slowly gathering decorations as we would see them. We decided to hit Hobby Lobby one more time. After going to Hobby Lobby, we got to go out for dinner and then we hit up a few more stores. My husband is definitely spoiling me with all this decorating stuff. It makes me feel so great that he cares what our home looks like! I didn’t decorate a whole lot, but it definitely feels a little more like fall in here. I will hopefully post some pictures tomorrow or later this week when we get the house straightened up a little bit!

I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday!

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