Does My Bathroom Offend You?

A few days ago, Grant decided to do some work on our shower. The caulking was in desperate need of some TLC. When the builder replaced the caulking after we moved in, I think it was still a little wet in there so we have had issues with it for a while. Because Grant pulled all the caulking out and bleached everything, we want to give it a few days to dry out so we have been showering in our guest bathroom.

This is our guest bathroom:

There are two separate rooms in our guest bathroom. The first room has two sinks and the second off that holds the shower/tub and toilet. As you can see, the shower and toilet room is a little tight! I don’t mind it though because there is only so much you can do in the shower or on the toilet! When I’m in the bathroom, I spend most of my time in front of the mirror and sink.

One night a few days ago, I had a dream. In my dream Grant and I were staying in someone’s apartment for a wedding. The owners of the apartment were out of town. The shower actually had a toilet INSIDE it! Something kind of like this:

I was really freaked out by this bathroom in my dream… it was quite offensive!!! Now I worry that my guests find my bathroom offensive. I think our guest bathroom is beautiful and I am actually really happy that the shower and sinks are in two different rooms even if that means you have to stand in the shower to open the door to the shower/toilet room.

This dream left me a little tickled! I have been having a lot of dreams correlating with things that actually happened in my life. It makes me laugh!

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Summer Update

I have really been enjoying my summer! I was able to take a few weeks and recuperate from my crazy semester before things got too busy this summer!

A few exciting happenings are that my mom got a new hip and my husband can now see a little better!

At the beginning of June, my mom got her hip replacement! I am really excited about this because she was in SO much pain before the surgery and now she is still in pain from the surgery, but it is different. Full recovery time is about 6 months but she is already doing so well. One of my sisters and I spent about a week and a half with my mom after her surgery and by the time we left she was already fairly independent. My dad stayed home with her for a few days after we left and then he headed back to work! My other sister and her family was able to come down for about 4 days after Mom’s surgery. I am very proud of my mom and every time I talk to her she is getting better! Immediately after the surgery she said she wouldn’t do that surgery again if she had the option, but I think he answer would be different now. Before the surgery she was in so much pain that she practically cried with every step she took! I know this will be worth it in the long run!

The above picture is of my sister and me making a bouquet of flowers in the Walmart bathroom to take to my mom at the hospital!!

We were able to be home for Father’s Day!

As soon as I returned from my trip to help my mother out, we started appointments for Grant to get Lasik. Grant had been wearing his glasses for 2 weeks prior to his first appointment which was on a Monday morning. At this appointment they ran a series of tests on him to see if he would be a good candidate for Lasik. For those of you who don’t know my husband, I will give you an idea of how horrible his vision is. I have a contact lens prescription of -1.75 and it drives me crazy not to have my contacts or glasses in, his contact lens prescription was around -8.25! The poor man had to wear his glasses to the shower in the mornings! It made me so sad! So after his appointment on Monday they decided that he would be a good candidate for Lasik so we decided he would have it done that same Thursday so he wouldn’t have to spend anymore time out of his contacts and in his glasses! Here is a picture of us on the day he had his surgery:

After his surgery we went home immediately and he went to bed. He had an eye appointment the following day at our regular eye doctor for his post-op appointment.

This it where we found out that he had 20/15 vision in both eyes!!! I am/was SOO excited!

The only result of his surgery is what the doctors called an “eye hickey.” They put a suction cup on his eyes in order to do the surgery. His left eye kept wanting to move so they had to put he suction cup on it 3 times before it took. It has been about 2 1/2 weeks and he still has a little bit of the hickey on his eye, but they said it could take up to 4 weeks to go away. This is a picture of his eye the day after his surgery.

I am so excited for Grant and cannot believe the vision that he now has. I have to admit that I am a little jealous that he no longer has to deal with glasses or contacts, but he totally deserves it and I am SO SO happy for him!

I have a few projects for the house that I have been working on this summer so I hope to take some before/after pictures and get those posted soon!

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I Love My Home of 1 Year

I haven’t been spending a whole lot of time blogging this summer so I didn’t get to do a blog post about our 1 year anniversary of being in our home. We moved in on May 28, 2010 and have now been here for over a year! We absolutely LOVE our home and are so incredibly blessed!

This picture was taken outside our front door on the 1 year anniversary of owning our home! I need to get some pictures of our home from the outside!!! Perhaps I will have my in-house photographer get on that! ;)

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